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Luxury at Affordable price

Luxury at Affordable Price

The platform is to buy and order the most beautuful items for fine interior decoration.

Only bespoke collections.

Unique Platform for True Luxury

Whatever is not possible for the majority, absolutely possible for a small group of aestehetic and enthusiastic people. The world is a templete today. The market makes consumers to understand luxury in their way. We let it be there. We want to work for those who value beauty.

Today, price is a major point and most of people are sure that luxury is not affordable because of price and they need to accept templetes and standards the world market makes them to accept. Absolutely wrong! We want to break these stereotypes and show our clients that

Design is not the price, the design is the ideas.

Being in this industry over 25 years, we know the talents who may bring that to the world, to the ones who understand beauty and want to be apart of the industry. Those talents are being collected from all over world and we invited them to be with us to sell their service and product directly and for affordable price. Yes, we are not for everybody but we are for self-minded people who share the beauty of design with us. 

List of Products

Luxury interior design and architecture

luxury interior designers
exclusive designer furniture
luxury modern lamps
  • Why was the Luxury World platform created?
    The idea of creating Luxury World platform has long been on the agenda. For many years we have been preparing it for implementation. As a result, the platform was approved and is under the patronage of the Chinese government and Luxury World is included in the Silk Road program with a special status: the promotion of luxury manufacturers, taking into account the competitive selection under the auspices of government organizations. The best and niche manufacturers with guaranty of quality and fulfillment of partnership obligations are selected. The platform founder's extensive experience in China and his personal connections allowed him to implement, control and develop the network in the international market. All manufacturers of goods on the platform are provided with special conditions when exporting. The platform is created as an alternative to European goods, both in terms of price and quality. All manufacturers have previously worked mainly for local markets and are not widely available. When included in the Silk Road program, all producers are controlled by the state.
  • What is the development structure of Luxury World?
    The best of the best are selected and invited to the platform. The list of participants will be replenished in the future. All participants will undergo expert selection. Gradually, many new products will appear on the platform. At the moment, large collections of furniture and decorative items are in production. They will be posted on the platform website as they become available. All models are bespoke. They could only be purchased through the Luxury World platform. In future, the task is to set up an agent and distribution network based on the exclusive status of an agent or distributor in a particular country, region or city. Intensive work in this direction is being carried out now. Therefore, interested parties better worry in advance to take the most profitable positions and terms. Luxury World is the general partner of Luxury Silk Road for the promotion of luxury goods in interior design segment. It has the right to appoint general partners in the agreed regions.
  • What is luxury market?
    Today, our world has changed so much that this change has led to a shift in the very concept of the luxury market. This is especially true in the real estate and interior design categories. The concept of luxury is the possession of exclusivity in everything. True luxury requires exclusivity; it does not tolerate fuss, the details are the most important! Square meters are not as important as uniqueness, comfort and aesthetics. While such properties need the “Wow” effect, actually obtaining them is too complicated and tedious. If we stay focused on the exceptional type of interiors that make them masterpieces and if we keep the costs low without compromising on quality, then we get designs that significantly raise the price of such a property, making it truly unique. We reach another level of luxury, we get collectable property. It is worth other money!
  • What luxury items can be found on Luxury World platform?
    The platform offers many products. But the main selection criteria is design and quality. Design is our signature point. Everything starts with an idea. Ideas rule the world. We have collected the results of our 25 years of experience in design, where everything was created originally as a bespoke. Here you can find everything you need to create a comfortable living environment: from exceptional architecture to premium interior design, worked out with such meticulousness and attention to detail that all ideas are ready to implement projects of any complexity. We complete interiors with unique decorative items, which we produce in our own factories: furniture and panels, carpets, lamps, accessories. Everything you need for fine interiors.
  • How to order luxury goods on Luxury World?
    Architecture - contact us to discuss a project and see the catalogue. We worked out the architectural ideas to adjust the design to the client's specific location. Interior Design - over 800 unique designs of premium category: from formal living rooms to indoor swimming pools and wineries. Decorative items such as furniture, rugs and carpets, accessories and lighting could be selected through our online store. Custom made orders are also welcome. For convenience, we have divided all the categories of goods into 2 parts: what is already made and ready for shipment, and products that require an order. The warehouse inventory may be paid online or just contact us for an invoice.
  • Which brands are represented in our luxury online store?
    As we said, most of our products are bespoke, the designs are made by us. Also we manufacture ourselves. However, we collaborate with many artists and designers who license us to manufacture after their original design. Our art experts search for extraordinary talents from all over the world to be invited. Their key point is that our product is not available anywhere but the only Luxury World keeps exclusivity to sell. You may see the artist’s name for each model.
  • Why do many designers consider our luxury platform and the online shop to be the best?
    We have a special Website Idea. Due to the fact that we have been in the luxury industry for over 25 years, we have our own unique factories for decorative rugs and for furniture and panels. We use those as the basis of building interiors. Besides our niche partner factories are involved to be focused on the luxury market for billionaires. Therefore, the idea came as a super luxurious range of interiors, architecture and decoration products at affordable prices. We keep our factories in Asia and are able to keep prices much more competitive with European suppliers. Very few people recognize luxury might be born in Asia but the very product may outperform European counterparts. The second reason is creativity of design itself putting the product aside in the industry. And it is a niche for interior designers asking to manufacture higher quality products after their own bespoke design or simply buy from our bespoke collection.
  • Who are our potential clients?
    Trade Clients: interior designers, architects, owners of shops and galleries related to the interior business, furniture and sales agents. The TRADE PROGRAM scheme works for them: They open an internal account with us to get wholesale prices. Retail or Private Clients. - They get the premium service of a luxury interior design and pay no designer’s fee, when choosing all ideas from our digital library. That saves a huge amount of money for them! It’s the same for architecture: finished solution with no investment in project idea and décor, turnkey service. - They may buy goods at our retail prices, which are still much lower than world prices in the luxury segment.


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