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Interior Design

Custom made orders

88 fin.jpg

Our Interior Design Digital Library hold thousands of options to build fine interiors. The first time in history we worked our 

the basic principle for luxury interiors to be made as a LEGO constructor, made of combinations of hundreds of design ideas we already have. It make the process much easier and much less time consuming.

We may play with inteior elements a lot. This is our basic principle to do high end custom made interiors. It saves money to the clients and interior designers. Combining the images we finally get a bespoke interior anyway. See how it works with us.

For example, we like the above interior idea and wants to use it as a primary option to show to the client. However, the library allows us to transform the same interior into completely new one when changing some elements and furniture set.

 Here we go. 

Option 1
110 гостиная 1-3 fin.jpg
Option 2
110 гостиная 1-4 fin.jpg
Option 3
110 гостиная 1-5 fin.jpg

We see how dramaticcaly the interior could be changed. Each time we bring new emotions. We may do the same transformation with a bedroom. Here we go with the original design first from the library of interiors: Channel style.

099 Bedroom 8_fin.jpg

Just changing basic decoration, we get completely new look for the same room. This is our tool of Digital Library.

Option 1
Option 2
086 3 ВАРИАНТ.jpg
Option 3
086 4 ВАРИАНТ.jpg

This kind of service is free of charge from Luxury World in case we work on the whole project. However, we have to ask for a fee should we work a room. If you want completely bespoke interior, there should be either a standard design fee from us, or we recommend to hire a professional interior designer from your side.

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