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Our Story

LUXURY WORLD is a brand with a 25-year history. It is an online platform doing business as a company based in Hong Kong, with several representative agents in Europe. We entered the luxury industry as a leading manufacturer of fine decorative rugs, the kind of rugs that you have to design your interiors for. 

Then, later, we came into the interior design industry for very high-end clients. Based on that experience, we rebranded our global operations to come to where we want to be now. We have discovered and developed so many decorative products and interiors that we have created our own world to share it with you. You can find everything for exquisite interiors here at affordable prices. Luxury is about feel, atmosphere and design. In most cases, it's not about PRICE.

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Our mission

We discover a special world for you. It's the world of new ideas, new opportunities that go beyond the ordinary.

There’s no match on the market and everything we do, we do from scratch but with talent. We try to put the market away from the impersonality and monotony. It doesn't matter what style to do. Great projects with great products have must have their face and personality to outlive the creators. They stand out of fashion as masterpieces.

We bring Luxury affordable for people. Price talks itself.

We let people to bring so much beauty they have never even.

Extraordonary product, service and PRICE.

Luxury World - everething for fine interiors
Our mission

How we work

Everything you see on the pages of LUXURY WORLD has been checked by our curators, who guarantee that our unique and carefully edited listings include the most exceptional models available in the USA and Europe.

All you see on our pages are bespoke models.

This is where our niche lies.

 Our platform connects many small businesses, practicing artists and craftsmen with design enthusiasts.
from all over the world.

We invest a solid portion of our profits in marketing to allow talents to be closer to the customers, and for customers to see affordable prices directly from those talents  to make luxury style as a standard of living available not just to the wealthy, but to a wider audience as well.

How we work
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