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Partnership & Agencies

Деловые партнеры

We are looking for partnership with professionals all around the world, the ones who understand luxury sales. Luxury industry is very specific and niche business. We Offer the following categories for partnership:


We are always looking for sale agents either for a city, region or country. The agent may generate business in the protected territory based on commisions against sale. Sales commision is 10-15%.

We provide all types of Digital marketing for our partners. Also the retail or trade clients from the protected territories are leaded to the local agent. All online sales from the agent's territories are subject to sales commision. Please apply to be qualified for this and to open the agent's account.


Frahchising for the brand is available for the qualified partners. There's no fees and royalties but the partner needs to have an official office/showroom to display our luxury products and service to their local market. Depends on the level of such partnership, Luxury World could share the investment with the new franchisee and provide full scale support in marketing.

This type of partnership is built based on fixed prices (maximum discount from the published prices. We call it as Franchising discount. The partner may get direct trade prices. We keep service charge only as 5% to our sale price to the partner.

The partner would be listed on our website and mentioned in all marketing publications and secial media.

Please contact us to discuss details.

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