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Custom made orders

Luxury Architecture

Whatever you see here would turn the very perception of the luxury real estate market upside down.  The magic lies in the fact that we are changing the very approach to the concept of luxury real estate. It is, above all, design on another level. Luxury real estate should not be faceless.

Therefore, we are changing the architecture.

Our architectural projects are very special. We work with our Investment Club in Spain, the most famous architects just brining them our creativity. Most of our architectural models are for Southern countries, such as Spain. To create something unique you need talent. We were lucky to be commissioned of creating a number of models for some of Investment Club projects and now may use them, the same principle as we promote interior design here. You may select any of our homes and we adjust them to your needs: in footage, floor plan and interior design. We have a source of land in Spain and may assist and provide a turn key service there. For the architectural service, please contact us to see privately the revolutionary new architectural concepts. We have a library of ideas for neoclassical and contemporary styles. We make it differently that most of the architects in the market.

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