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Custom made orders

Luxury Furniture

We manufacture most types of carpentry: panels, moldings, doors and furniture. The level of the factory allows us to do custom made orders as we focus on bespoke design. Every year we design new models, new collections and invest new techniques for finishing. If we do not have a modela available for immidiate shipment, you may place an order to duplicate it or place a custom made order in case you need to change something (size, finishing).

For furniture we have some restrictions. Furniture made of our special glass may be just duplicated as see in the shop, with no change to anything. If the model is not available online for shipment, you may place a back order to duplicate it. 

All types of wooden furniture is available for custom orders. 

Production time:

Production time is normally 10-12 weeks. (for models from our catalogues)

We know that interior designers love to create their bespoke items. They may place the order to us! Bespoke models from designers would take 12-13 weeks for production.


Samples are available. Please contact to arrange samples (finishing, a part of the model, wood samples), subject to a fee.

All custom made orders require 30% deposit, 70% of payment in full before shipment. Please pay attention that custom made orders may not be retured.


Size & Finishing

Luxury World


We manufacture bespoke orders as the model was given to us. All the details such as materials, finishing and any special required techniques to be mutually approved. Price to be understood as estimation we give once we start prepring the design for production. A final invoice would be sent before production.

All bespoke orders to be paid as 50% deposit and 50% before shipment. We provide you close photos and video. 

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