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Wood panels

Custom made orders

Luxury Wood panels

Our online catalogues have over 100 models of designs expressively created for panels. We manufacture panals ourselves and it gives a wide range of possibilities to design extraordinary interios. Panels bring vale to interior design.

Production time: 10-12 weeks

Samples: available upon request, production 2-4 weeks, subject a fee based on size and complexity.

Price: you may find estimation based on 1 sqm. on for each of the models in our online cataloque.


We also have over 800 models of interior design. You may see how to use panels and get lots of decoration ideas. Panels are always custom made product.

 You select one of the interior design from our cataloque or select a model of panels to be used in your bespoke interior. We may assist you to adopt the design to the existing floor plan and interior idea or you just provide us your CAD for panels.

Our technique to install panels are quite different. They are designed as a Lego constructor. It allows to assamble and disassamble the panels many times. Should any part is damaged we may easily replace it. Panels are installed with a gap of 5-6 cm from the concrete wall and we hang them on special hooks. Installation plan would be provided together with the product. We do not use nails and glew and all parts are fixed as  Lego to each other. This is a new and know-how technolodgy.

All 100 models have price per square meter and it would be easy to calculate and get the budget for the room. However, if you follow your own design of panels or need any special change, we have to estimate you first and then after preparing production CAD we may give you an accurate price. Anyway, with so big number of models we have already had, draft estimation could be even done by yourselves.


Design selected:

Museum Art

Master bedroom design concept

Panels Layout

Master bedroom design concept

At sight photo during installation

luxury living interiors
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