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luxury living interiors

New Platform to make interiors with us

No design fee

This unique Platform allows to build LUXURY INTERIORS 

A unique platform for building high-end interiors allows you to quickly form a project of any complexity. Behind the huge electronic catalog of interior designs, made in various styles, stands many years of work. Such a platform can be useful for both private clients and professionals. Why?

Because it's not just beautiful pictures with ideas, but worked out projects, where all the elements of decor from panels, furniture and accessories are supplied to customers at direct prices from manufacturers, one of which we are. The other partners are our proven suppliers and manufacturers of luxury goods.

The most incredible thing is the pricing of the projects. All design options are calculated in advance, based on the cost per square meter (with a minimum footage of a room). All the factories are mostly in South-East Asia and serve only the luxury segment of the market. They are not directly available in the marketplace. All of the suppliers are very exclusive and do not need extensive advertising. They are united on a common site at Luxury World to serve international markets. Possibilities of manufacturing allow us to fully open the space for creativity and fulfill any ideas of designers.

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