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Al Sander

Al Sander

Lesson 1


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This unique Master Class from a leading ideas creator will bring you so much unussual look at things to change your mind completely.​

14 video lessons would guide you to different topics.                                 

See preview of the lessons.

This video presents the designer, his background, some top projects. Alexander teaches how to be special in interior design, where to get ideas, he gives his secret source of suppliers who are able to follow any of the interior design projects or product concept and manufacture according to the project specification, he gives a lot of practical advises how to be successful. He discovers his story of success and assists the designers to find their door in the industry.  

Lesson 2

New vision at design.

One of the best ways to accomplish something is to learn from others who have done it. So if you want to build a successful  brand, study and deconstruct successful stories  from a leading European designer with 25 years of experience and his unusual look at things standing him aside of the industry. He was called as a magician and a mystifier who can make walls slide apart and disappear in space, cause ceiling hover in air, and turn the very nature into personage of his own staged performance.  Alexander cames from the hidden world of European Aristocracy where he spent most of his life being a special and private interior designer doing tailor made interiors for the most prominent clients. In this lesson, he would show how to look at design differently and be unique.

Lesson 3

Focus on your intention.

This special topic is a part of Alexander’s life to let you see how thoughts might be materialized and how to follow some secret signs, the Universe gives us every day. How not to lose your chance and opportunity to find a niche business for yourselves and how to find your own way, how to focus on a clear intention to be successful. 

Lesson 4


Alexander shows many examples to find endless ways for your imagination to change your mentality completely. He would disclose many secrets how he makes design and what his sources for inspiration are. Many fresh ideas of the design would be shown from the very beginning and through step by step visualization.

Lesson 5

How to select suppliers.

Alexander opens some of his secrets and show the strength of the particular suppliers to follow the design ideas, the suppliers he uses himself, he shows how  to open your mind and creativity without thinking if the product could be manufactured. Whatever idea we have, we may put it in life. Also with this list of suppliers you may control cost of production and the budget for the client. Whatever product is needed to create a unique interior you may find in this lesson.

Lesson 6

Secrets in interiors.

Alexander’s concept and philosophy of the interior design have 6 major secrets to follow. He would disclose each of them to let you know how to impress the clients and get their WOW after looking at your design. 6 practical advises with lots of the visual examples of his interiors and explanation how it works in reality.

Lesson 7


Alexander opens his way how to present your portfolio and project presentation to the client. He selected several different options depends on the client’s needs: from general image presentation to Golden presentation, the one he uses for his most prominent clients with very large projects. Besides, he will show you his Magazine, the one is used as an excellent marketing tool to let the client comes back to the designer and read more about him. The client is a decision maker and he needs to make that decision with no pressure.

Lesson 8

Design Platform. 

Alexander offers a unique way to earn money using his experience, his background and huge number of designs and ideas when working with his special Design Platform, online instrument to make easier money. This is to be in interest of interior designers, distributors, real estate companies and retail clients.

Lesson 9

Easier way to earn money.

27 special catalogues have been prepared to support Design Platform. The catalogues cover all types of products you need, the ones Alexander uses in his interiors. Most of the products are designed by Alexander himself and are not available in the common market. This makes it more exclusive and hidden from the majority of the consumers but gives a rare chance to you to be special and use Alexander’s life time and timeless interiors for your daily needs, copyright free. Carpentry is the main part of the catalogue list,  variety of Styles, while the other catalogues are very complimentary sources for optional products to follow with the interior design specification. Alexander will show you in details how all of those work.

Lesson 10

Unique place for special people.

This is the first lesson on some unusual marketing Alexander promotes for his carrier. There are many ways how to attract people to you and how to make them working together. Today there are many more investors than projects. Very few people are able to generate ideas, but the level of the ideas is an evidence of the level of the designer and his suppliers. This lesson is an example of one of the brilliant ideas having been created by Alexander when attracting big investors. This example would show you that exceptional idea may bring you a lot of money.

There’s nothing special in the idea of real estate project, there are thousands of similar projects in the world but the point is that if you make it unique and very conceptual, it stands aside from the others. Alexander will disclose his largest project for real estate investors – Aristocratic Business Club & Membership Residences, ONE OF A KIND IN THE WORLD

Lesson 11

How to generate projects for investors. Story 1: Retirement Homes

This is another conceptual idea of retirement homes and special Clinique inside to give another standard of life, retirement for elder people. The difference with the others is how you implement it for luxury segment to make it outstanding. There are many 6 star hotels, but are they really 6-star? Alexander will show you his understanding of the project beyond the imagination of the others as an example how interior designer may approach real estate companies and investors to be commissioned for this job.

Lesson 12

How to generate projects for investors. Story 2: Luxury Boutique Hotel

This project concept would show how to create a unique boutique hotel where each room is special and is related to a famous name or a brand, such as HERMES SUITE, CHANEL SUITE, PATEK PHILLIPE SUITE, ADREY HEPBURN SUITE and the others with extraordinary interior design for each room presenting individuality of the celebrity name. This is another concept for real estate investors and a good marketing instrument how to make the investors to select you as their master designer.

Lesson 13

Collaboration with leaders.

The lesson shows some ways in marketing on how to approach and work with industry leaders related to interior design. This is an instrument for the designers and the factories to attract the others when giving them unique designs for their showrooms and have an idea catalogues for their retail clients, the designs they have never seen.

This might be suitable for companies related to Home Cinema product, Indoor Swimming pools, Wine room makers and the companies selling sanitary equipment through their retail and wholesale showrooms. Alexander uses his plenty of outstanding designs to be used for this marketing instrument. With copyright free policy, it gives tremendously big chance for interior designer to reinforce their skills and present unique ideas to their market.

Lesson 14

Bonus. Landscaping. 

Park of Fountains & Mosaics.

This is a Bonus lesson from Alexander and it is related to landscape design. But Alexander’s concept even for landscaping is different.

He uses art objects made of mural marble mosaic having been integrated in landscape design to be presented as a

unique park of music fountains and mosaic, he plays with light, music and effects to transform each place in the park into a performance stage where we could arrange concerts, opera or laser show

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