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mosaic for luxury interior

One of the activities of Luxury World is artistic mosaics, mostly made of marble. Marble mosaics have been around for centuries. Most of the designs we use for making mosaics are unique, there are more than 300 of them in our electronic library.

Originally, the database of designs was created for the production of rugs & carpets: the ones for when it was often necessary to create an interior around. There are no matches  in the world. We took the very notion of a rug to the level of a work of art and became a couturier in the world of rugs.

Subsequently, the designs were applied to mosaic designs. Mosaic requires a high degree of details and separation of all color zones. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to get the level of the product that can compete today with museum masterpieces.

Samples of works

The art of mosaic has reached our days since ancient times. We use small and unique productions where artists and unsurpassed masters of their craft with vast experience in this industry work. In order to get such effects using marble pieces for a mosaic set and create museum-level masterpieces, it takes an artist's talent to create such designs and meticulously work out the details. Each color we use must be broken down into separate color zones. Each color must be coordinated with the mosaic palette of the marble. And of course, the skill of the mosaic artist, who has the unique ability to pick up the right shades by eye.