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Alexander Anisimov Spain  Founder & Managing Partner | Luxury World

Al Sander (Alexander Anisimov) , Spain

Founder & Managing Partner

Al has 25 years of experience in product and interior design, having worked over 20 years in China and other Asian countries for the wealthy society, mostly for billionaires with extremely high privacy requirements for their      residential projects. 

Alexander’s experience of product and understanding of high-end design are phenomenal. Due to years of working for unique factories with a focus on elite type projects, and being a partner, shareholder or owner as well, his concepts on working with the cost of production and sources of products for the unlimited ideas are one of a kind. When he designs, he should not think about the cost or where to get the product. There are endless ways how to handle those. His sources and contacts with high-end manufactures bring incredible benefits to take projects sky high, with logical and affordable cost of production to maximise the profit for the investors. All of his sources and know-how are completely hidden from the general market. Another big advantage is his ability to generate unusual ideas in architecture, landscaping, interior design, the product itself, and concept for projects to make them special. Inviting the best partners for his concept of the Marbella Investment Club, he managed to gather a unique team for the investors, from providing conceptual ideas about architecture, to Swiss-based professionals taking care of financial and risk management via a unique insurance policy as an ultimate security for the invested funds. 

H.S.H. Prince George Yourievsky,  Switzerland  Managing Partner, Art Expert | Luxury World

H.S.H. Prince George Yourievsky,  Switzerland  Managing Partner

Art Expert

The house of Princess Yourievsky comes from the second wedlock of  H.I.M Emperor (Tsar) Alexander II (1818–1881) with Princess Catherine Dolgorouky (1847–1922).  

She received from the Emperor her name and title along with the predicate, Her Serene Highness (HSH) Princess Yourievsky, for her and her descendants, as a wedding gift.

She was the daughter of Prince Mikhail Dolgorouky, who himself is a direct descendent of Jurij Dolgorouky (founder of Moscow).

He joined the brand 2021, as the risk management advisor and managing partner. Well-versed with the high end real estate industry, he shares with the group ideas of revival of aristocratic traditions, and a true understanding of ultimate luxury.

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