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Panel collections

Examples how you would see in our Digital Library

Panel collections

Unique creativity 

The electronic library contains more than 120 models for paneling. We have collected many ideas for the interiors of different styles, trying to bring new and innovative solutions using different materials: precious wood veneers, a combination of wood and marble, wood and glass, laser cut technology to get 3D effects.

The panel production has its own know-how, which is seldom used in the industry.  This is the so-called LEGO construction set, when, like LEGO toys, all the parts of the panels are assembled together with special fasteners. It allows you to assemble and disassemble the structure several times. What does it give in practice?

Panels are always made to measure, so production errors should be avoided and the dimensions of the room they are designed to fit in should be strictly adhered to.

With LEGO technology it is possible to assemble all panels at the factory workshop, recreate the room as a whole, check all dimensions and disassemble again to pack for transportation.

Moreover, if a part of the panel  is damaged during assembly, transportation or just long use, it is easy to replace such a part without replacing the entire panel. 

Examples of Models

Digital Library of Interiors


In our digital library you can see all models of panels, as well as examples of interiors to see how to use them. Different styles, designs and materials are presented. For each model the basic parameters are given: the cost per square meter, based on a height of 300 cm. In addition, for each interior we give you the price based on the average cost of one square meter of the room, with a minimum footage requirements. Therefore, it is easy to calculate the budget in advance and then just adjust it slightly after a detailed calculation by the factory.

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