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Porcelain Art

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This section presents porcelain art. Our partners are small art workshops with extra-class craftsmen, capable of fulfilling almost any order of the most demanding customers: from replicas of antiques to the works of modern artists.  However, there are unique interiors, built entirely on the concept of using porcelain as the main item of decoration. Only a few museums in the world can boast this. Luxury World offers unique opportunities to its clients.  Here are some interiors created by us using such a decorative material as porcelain. All items are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

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Porcelain Art

We took the interior of a meeting room in a private villa as an example of the use of porcelain pieces. We used snow-white porcelain sculpture on glossy black panel surfaces: a modern reading of an interior made in the Etruscan style.


Replicas of ancient vases made of snow-white porcelain in the bisque technique. Such works reflect the level of craftsmanship of artists. For any individual order a mold is made of special polymer clay. At this stage, the model can be modified. The form is filled with a liquid porcelain mass and put in the furnace. After the first firing, the porcelain becomes strong and matte. The gloss is obtained at the second firing.
Contact us for unique interiors. We will tell and show you how you can apply porcelain technology in the decoration of doors, furniture, panels, how you can get unique author's models. 

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