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Furniture that lives for 400 years

For the first time, 24K gold sand and a glass effect on the surface of colored wood veneer are used in furniture production. A unique marquetry technique to convey the work of the graphic artist. Know-how patented technology for the treatment of precious wood in the production of furniture to increase the longevity of unique items, 400 years of use and turning furniture into antiques.

Furniture Marbella

How designer furniture is created

The mysteries of the birth of an artist's idea are unfathomable, never to be understood. Intuition and insight given to a chosen few reveal to others works of art that can live on for centuries. An original design is before us: "David and Seoul".

Designer Furniture

The biblical King Saul was possessed by frequent fits of melancholy, and the young shepherd boy David was called as a singer to soothe the king by playing when he was disturbed by an evil spirit. Thus began David's journey that led him to kingship. David is here playing the harp. In Baroque painting, David is very often depicted as a harpist. In this case, the author brings his new vision and visual image of the characters, as seen by a 20th century man.

Golden sand is hidden beneath layers of lacquer.

How to master in interior design sourcing

For the first time, to realize this unique idea of the author, 24K gold sand is used, which is rubbed into the surface of the veneer, imitating malachite. After applying the varnish, the gold in malachite begins to sparkle, creating the visual illusion of using malachite, which is not found in nature. Another secret is safely hidden inside the bar: a secret vault and stash at the same time. Of course, such a secret can only be revealed to the owner of this unique piece. But, in addition to being able to open this hidden and securely hidden interior cavity, he will see what is hidden inside. There an incredible surprise awaits him, he will see how the interior is made. And it will only be accessible to one person until he shares this secret, when he passes the possession of this piece of art into other hands.

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