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People behind the brand

The most beautiful interiors in the world

The idea of creating LUXURY WORLD has long been on the agenda. For many years we have been preparing it for implementation.

As a result, the idea of the platform was approved and is under the patronage of the Chinese government now and Luxury World is included in the Silk Road program with a special status: the promotion of luxury manufacturers, taking into account the competitive selection under the auspices of government organizations.

The best and niche manufacturers with guarantees of quality and fulfillment of partnership obligations are selected.

The platform founder's extensive experience in China and his personal connections allowed him to implement, control and develop the network in the international market. All manufacturers of goods on the platform are provided with special conditions for exporting.

The platform is created as an alternative to European goods, both in terms of price and quality. All manufacturers have previously worked mainly for local markets and are not widely available. When included in the Silk Road program, all producers are controlled by the state.

Two key people are behind the brand:

Founder of Luxury World

Al Sander, Spain

Professional designer, Master of Art.

Founder, Managing Partner

Alexander’s experience of product and understanding of high-end design are phenomenal. Due to years of working for unique factories with a focus on elite type projects, and being a partner, shareholder or owner as well, his concepts on working with the cost of production and sources of products for the unlimited ideas are one of a kind. When he designs, he should not think about the cost or where to get the product.

There are endless ways how to handle those. His sources and contacts with high-end manufactures bring incredible benefits to take projects sky high, with logical and affordable cost of production to maximise the profit for the investors. All of his sources and know-how are completely hidden from the general market. Another big advantage is his ability to generate unusual ideas in architecture, landscaping, interior design, the product itself, and concept for projects to make them special.

Founder of Luxury World

H.S.H. Prince George Yourievsky, Switzerland

Managing Partner

Art Expert

He joined the brand 2021, as the risk management advisor and managing partner. Well-versed with the high end real estate industry, he shares with the group ideas of revival of aristocratic traditions, and a true understanding of ultimate luxury.

The house of Prince Yourievsky comes from the second wedlock of H.I.M Emperor Alexander II (1818–1881) with Princess Catherine Dolgorouky (1847–1922). He is a decendant of Emperor Alexander II (The Romanovs Dinasty)

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