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The revival of artistic mosaics

#1 Marble Mosaic Maker

Entrance hall, Private Mediterranean villa. Mosaic work on the floor.

If you make a cursory review of the market, where works on mosaic are offered, as a rule, we see only tasteless creations of modern masters and primitive designs. But the art of mosaic goes back to the depth of time. The real masterpieces were born there. It took years of hard work to create them. Today's work can hardly be called art, most likely it is just a mass-produced good-for-nothing, designed for the unscrupulous consumer.

Art of Mosaic

Replica of a 9th century historical mosaic. "Mosaic of Christ", original in Istanbul. Made by LUXURY WORLD.

But is it worth spending so much time and effort to flood the world with this mediocre product? In principle, a mosaic is an uncomplicated technique. It is simply a set of small marble pieces connected together. It is necessary to have enough colors of natural marble.

What then is the main mystery? Why aren't true masterpieces born? Yes, of course, the cost of manual labor is quite high, the organization of living space has rolled to such a minimalism, that the consumer simply can't see how to use mosaic in his house, in interiors, and numerous companies show him simple examples of using mosaic: a small rosette on the floor, a bathroom panel made from a picture or picture of nature. How can all this be appreciated? What will the consumer even want to pay for? There is nothing to pay for!

Herein the main intrigue lies.

Artistic mosaic is a talent of an artist and his unique design

Luxury World does exactly that. Many factories can repeat a well prepared design. What do we call design preparation? Mosaics are like carpets, they are perceived only from a distance of at least 2 meters. So, in order to create not just a unique design, but a design for a mosaic, this design should be worked out so that all the elements were divided into color zones, so that from a distance the entire composition would be perceived as a whole, and the eye would not catch these individual fragments. Then, the picture is realistic and a miracle happens in front of us. The magic of design is able to bring dead marble to life to such an extent that, for example, real flowers open up before us, or we see a scattering of precious stones. And, of course, the most important thing is the authorship of the design. Only then the work will be unique. Design is the most important element in a mosaic. The fusion of these two elements: the skill of the artist and the mosaic artist will open the magical world of mosaic and the renaissance of this ancient art will come.

Marble mosaic. The best Suppliers from Asia

We took the central part as a fragment of the ancient mosaic: "Triumph of Neptune" standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses (original - mid-third century AD), located in the Musée archéologique de Sousse in Tunisia. And created a brand new design for the floor of a Mediterranean villa to bring new life and a modern art.

Mosaic Art & Design

Central part of the large floor mosaic by LUXURY WORLD.

The artist of the design is the protagonist here.

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