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Indoor swimming pools

Swimming pools in the house are always a topic for creativity. We have tried to bring such ideas that are rarely seen in design. This is an unusual combination of colors, the use of glass imitating water, unusual mosaics of marble, special art objects, creating different illusions by using light and the perspective itself  to expand the space.

It's a whole water world, not just a pool in the house. We create special interiors for special people. There has to be something special in every corner of the house. A pool is a place where the whole family spends enough time to relax and if that atmosphere of relaxation, peace and tranquility is created but not just a standard box in the basement with a trivial pool bowl, then the property becomes a highly marketable property. Uniqueness always sells well.

In our digital library you can find truly unique ideas that are virtually impossible to find in the public domain. By entering this special world, one we call LUXURY WORLD, everybody learns a lot and broaden one's horizons to understand that design is boundless imagination and that is exactly what makes a property unique. 

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