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Luxury platform for the products from Asia


LUXURY WORLD is the first luxury platform for the products from Asia combining our own factories with the factories of our trusted partners to join together. We collected only the best from the niche manufacturers who served  custom projects for the Asian elite with the highest requirements, with quality equal or exceeded European products and the models mostly of bespoke design.

LUXURY WORLD is a brand not like the others and it's a brand with 25 years history. The name came after his founder, Al Sander who started his carrier as a rug and textyle designer, then interior designer for very special clientele, mostly for European nobility and the wealthy of Asia, where he spent his 25 years serving the elite. To be unique you have to have talent and the talent generates extraordinary things: design for architecture, product, interiors and brilliant ideas for projects in real estate, the ones attracting interest of investors.

The brand carries the philosophy of its founder. 

This is the first in the world luxury platform to bring the best Asian suppliers and show them to the world.

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