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Wine rooms

Wine room design

What a luxury home wouldn't be without a wine cellar with a collection of wines from all over the world. It is always a private collection reflecting the tastes of the owners. As a rule, the wine room is just a small room in the basement, few people care about the design of it.

And in vain! After all, we are talking not only and not so much about the storage of wine, but a special place for tasting. Guests should be invited, there must be something to make the owner be proud of it, something to show and surprise.

After all, we're talking about a property of this class. So there's no getting around the design of the wine cellars. They must be luxurious! That is the philosophy behind LUXURY WORLD. It has to be a special world, a special design, the kind of a room you do not want to leave, where you can spend time with friends and relax. It is these kinds of design ideas that we have put in the digital library. All the most unusual and non-standard ideas are there.  This is how we see luxury wine rooms in luxury mansions.

Everything is acceptable here: from your own bar with a bartender to secret rooms with collectible wines. The main thing is not to want to leave quickly. We do not think that such interiors will want to leave quickly, and they  become a subject of pride for the owners of the house and the subject of a special tour for guests.

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